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Liriodendron tulipifera 'tulip tree'

Tulip Tree. A vigorous tree with saddle-shaped, dark green leaves, turning yellow in autumn. Cup-shaped pale green flowers with orange bands at the bases in mid-summer. Max Height 30m. Max Spread 15m. Flowers July to August. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy. Back-fill with soil mixed with peat substitute and a suitable fertiliser.

Betula pendula 'silver birch'

Silver Birch. Conical tree with peeling white bark, which becomes marked with dark rugged cracks at the base. Dark green leaves turn yellow in autumn. Yellow-brown catkins in spring. Max Height 25m. Max Spread 10m. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy. Water thoroughly before planting.

Cytisus battandieri 'pineapple tree'

An upright tree-like shrub with silvery grey trifoliate leaves, delightfully silky when young. Attractive, erect, dense racemes of pea like, yellow. pineapple-scented flowers. Hardier, longer flower clusters and stronger scent than the species.

Laurus nobilis 'sweet bay'

Bay Tree. An excellent foliage plant that lends itself to topiary. Keep cool and trim regularly to maintain required size. Max Height 2m. Max Spread 1m. Flowers April to May. Fruits June to August. Bright room with some direct sunlight. Protect from frost.