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House Plants

We stock a large range of house plants from cactus,carnivorous plants and foliage plants.Please be aware that our stock changes on a regular basis.Below is just a small sample of the plants we offer.

Aloe vera

A clump-forming, suckering succulent producing basal rosettes of lance-shaped , grey-green leaves, with toothed pink margins. Bears racemes tubular yellow flowers. Max Height 60cm. Max Spread 80cm. Flowers May to July. Full sun. Protect from frost. 


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Madagascar Dragon Tree. A handsome foliage plant with a snake -like stem and long strap-like green leaves margined red. Max Height 1.8m. Max Spread 80cm. Flowers June to July. Fruits August. Bright room away from direct sunlight. Min temp 55øF / 12øC


Weeping Fig. A very handsome foliage plant with glossy, leathery dark green leaves tapering to a twisted point. Max Height 3m. Max Spread 1.4m. Bright room away from direct sunlight. Min temp 55øF / 12øC. 

Umbrella plant 

 A graceful houseplant with finger-like lacy dark green/yellow foliage. Max Height 1.6m. Max Spread 60cm. Flowers July to August. Fruits September. Bright room away from direct sunlight. Min temp 60øF / 15øC.


 An excellent architectural shaped plant with lance shaped stiff leathery leaves. Max Height 3m. Max Spread 1.5m. Flowers July to September. Full sun. Min temp 50øF / 10øC.