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Buxus sempervirens

Common box bush

 Bushy, rounded shrub or small tree with glossy, dark green leaves, which are notched at the tips. Max Height 5m. Max Spread 5m. Partial Shade. Hardy. Water thoroughly before planting.

Prunus laurocerasus

Cherry Laurel, Laurel. A dense bushy shrub with glossy green leaves. Fragrant white flowers on upright spikes in spring, followed by red fruit ripening to black. Max Height 8m. Max Spread 10m. Flowers April to May. Fruits June. Full sun. Hardy. Seed kernels harmful if eaten. Back-fill with soil mixed with peat substitute and a suitable fertiliser.‚Äč

Fagus sylvatica

Copper or Purple Beech. A large tree with light red leaves in spring turning dark purple. Max Height 18m. Max Spread 7m to 10m. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy. Back-fill with soil mixed with peat substitute and a suitable fertiliser.

Photinia x fraseri 'red robin'

An upright, evergreen shrub with dark green leaves, bright red when young. Small, creamy white flowers are sometimes followed by bright red fruit. Max Height 5m. Max Spread 5m.

Aucuba japonica

A resilient evergreen shrub which has glossy dark green leaves and is useful in the garden as it will thrive almost anywhere, tolerating urban pollution and salt laden air and will form a dense impenetratable barrier. Male and female forms needed to bear the red berries.