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  Screened Grade A Topsoil. This is perfect for new lawns, flower beds and pots.

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Wood Mulch 


Wood mulch is perfect for keeping weeds at bay and retaining moisture in flower beds, raised beds and pots.

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We have a huge selection of chippings, pebbles and cobbles.

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Mushroom Compost


Mushroom compost is an organic compost that improves the structure of clay soil and improves drainage. It also promotes plant growth!

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Chunky Chip Bark, Play Bark and Landscape Bark are all great for suppressing weeds

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£55 a Bulk Bag

Screened Grade A Topsoil

                                            Used for Lawn preparation, flowerbeds and to improve drainage

                                                     1 Bulk Bag covers approx 20sq metres an inch deep

                                                                             Free Local Delivery!